ToolTrack MES FAQ

ToolTrack MES is a Manufacturing Execution System from I-Track Software that was developed for manufacturing businesses who want to improve product traceability, increase efficiency and reduce costs. While I-Track Software began in the high-tech manufacturing world of semiconductors, ToolTrack MES has been successfully deployed in a variety of industries such as medical device, metals processing, wood-working, discrete assembly and job shops. In addition to being built from scratch by people who've spent their entire career in manufacturing & operations, ToolTrack MES was also built to be deployed in a short amount of time and for a very reasonable cost. If you've been shopping for an MES and been surprised by how much they can cost, please talk to us about ToolTrack MES and a free demo.

Our primary model for deploying ToolTrack is in our own private cloud. You could also refer to this as a "hosted solution" or "software as a service" (SaaS). As a customer, you get a dedicated web application tailored to your manufacturing environment. We take care of everything else such as the servers, backups, security and performance monitoring. The main requirement for SaaS is to have a stable internet connection; it doesn't have to be a very fast connection (DSL is fine), but it should be stable. If you don't have a stable connection, or if you'd simply prefer to manage the IT-side yourself, we can also deploy ToolTrack on-premise.

Yes! We understand and appreciate that your manufacturing and process data is a critical part of your company's intellectual property. ToolTrack MES runs on our private cloud infrastructure utilizing enterprise-grade data centers with SOX, HITRUST, PCI-DSS & ISO 2700-1 Compliance Certifications, and a Critical Infrastructure Rating of N+2. Furthermore, our cloud is built with our own hardware and isn't shared with anyone else. You always know where your data is physically located and who's managing it. If you prefer, ToolTrack can also be deployed on-premise.

You Do. Even if you cancel your ToolTrack MES subscription, we'll give you a full export of your data at no extra cost.

Simple. All you need is an HTML5 compatible web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari) and internet connectivity. Tablets and smartphones work very well, too. There is no need to install or maintain a clunky thin client. We can also deploy ToolTrack MES on-premise with your own server. In either case, your users will connect to the system via web browser which makes for superior accessibility.

Transparently. ToolTrack MES is packed with functionality and features. But if you need changes to the functionality, or simply want to add new modules for your specific business processes, we support that with up-front and controlled pricing. You won't pay for customizations until you know exactly what you're getting and your users have signed off. The best part is that we will develop and implement these new/changed features without interrupting your users.

Nope! And no term contracts for the cloud deployment, either. We're very confident in ToolTrack and we've put the responsibility on ourselves to make sure you get the best product and service at the best price.

We focus on delivering the best MES product by constantly engaging with our customers and putting that feedback directly into ToolTrack MES improvements. Our experienced system architects handle your implementation from the first introductory call through the entire deployment, so we don't waste money on a bloated sales staff. We also rely on our happy customers to spread the word about us, which allows us to keep our marketing budget small. All of this adds up to a fully featured MES solution that we can offer for roughly 50% of what our competitors charge. We know it sounds too good to be true, but we would love the opportunity to prove it to you!


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