High Level Benefits

  • Web application User Interface (UI), accessible with any device and modern web browser (no annoying thin clients like Java!)
  • Unlimited user accounts & transactions, always
  • Powerful embedded reporting engine allows ad-hoc analysis, aggregations, pivots, charts, saved reports & exports on every facet of data within ToolTrack
  • You own your data & always have control over it
  • Designed for flexible and inexpensive customization
  • Typically deployed in 3-6 weeks

Core Functional Capabilities
(completely customer controlled)

  • WIP Management
    • Unlimited Routes, Operations, Recipes & Work Instructions
    • Lot / Work Order based functions including Splits, Merges, Future Holds, Recipe Overrides & Dynamic Routing
    • Lot and Unit history always maintained with full traceability from finished product to incoming material
    • Sub-assembly / part consumption genealogy at both Serial # and Vendor Batch levels
    • Multiple types of Data Collection including parametric (with spec & control limits), Checklist, Pass/Fail etc.
    • Streamlined Process Form provides all necessary information to shopfloor for a given process step
    • Revision controlled Work Instructions containing images & drawings accessible with 1-click
    • Customizable drop-down lists for dozens of key attributes such as Hold Codes, Work Centers etc.
  • Equipment Management
    • Detailed and searchable event histories provide pareto analysis for equipment down events
    • Customizable state model based on Semi E-10
    • Qualification process tracking with spec limits and auto-down events for failures
    • Preventive Maintenance (PM) and calibration scheduling
    • Spare Parts inventory management with low quantity notifications
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
    • Define Spec and Control limits at Operation & Recipe level
    • Auto calculated Average, Standard Deviation and Range for any parameter
    • Choose which SPC rules to apply parameter by parameter: 3-sigma, 2/3 2-sigma, 4/5 1-sigma
    • Rule violations trigger email notifications, automatic Lot holds and Equipment down events
    • Create-a-Chart dashboard enables trend analysis with auto calculated Cpu, Cpl & Cpk values
  • Quality Management
    • User Certifications to ensure the right people are doing the right work
    • Revision Control workflows for Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) / Work Instructions, Bill of Materials (BoM) & Supplier Records
    • Corrective Action / Preventive Action (CAPA) and RMA workflows
    • Included operational reports such as Line Balance, Scraps, Moves, Step Yields, Equipment Availability & Lot Arrival Look Ahead

Process Data Options

  • Granular Process Data is Captured in Multiple Ways
    • Manual entry within the UI for small data volumes
    • Bulk upload via CSV / text file within the UI for larger data volumes (can parse multiple columns)
    • Supported database-to-database (e.g. ODBC / JDBC) communication via secure tunnel
    • All methods support auto calculated summary data & SPC rule violation reactions

Equipment / Robot Integration

  • ToolTrack supports low level equipment integration with the addition of a 3rd party Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCaDA) software layer
  • The SCaDA layer acts as a message broker between ToolTrack and the equipment Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  • We can recommend a great SCADA software partner for equipment control & high volume historian that works with TooTrack!

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