Fast reports with role specific data visibility and exporting.

ToolTrack's reporting capabilities are awesome.
We don't mean to brag, but frankly... they're really awesome.
When designing ToolTrack MES we asked ourselves, "What is the point of having a nifty system to track your operations if you can't easily extract information from your data?" That just seems ridiculous! That's why ToolTrack MES has an embedded reporting engine throughout the entire application that allows users to quickly and intuitively identify the data they want, format it for analysis, and make reports & visualizations that actually mean something. Users can easily export data in a variety of formats (CSV, Word, Excel, PDF), enable email subscriptions and even save those reports for future quick access. You can even control who's allowed to see and manipulate individual reports based on user groups / roles. There is no need for expensive 3rd party reporting applications because powerful reporting is a key pillar of ToolTrack MES baked right into the user interface. Of course, there's nothing wrong with those reporting applications, and you could use one on top of ToolTrack MES if you like. You just don't need one :)

ToolTrack MES includes many dashboards out of the box that provide Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and operations metrics such as: starts, outs, scraps, overall yield, first-pass yield, rework rates, % UP, MTBF, MTTR (and more!)

We want ToolTrack MES users to spend their time analyzing reliable information and making the right decisions as opposed to spending hours collating data from disparate sources.

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