We Don't Hide Our Pricing


Less Than 50% of Typical MES or LIMS Costs

Our (Awesome) Pricing Explained

At I-Track Software, we strive to make the pricing and sales process for ToolTrack as transparent as possible. We post our typical implementation and subscription fees right on the home page because we're very proud of our ability to offer such a comprehensive product for such a competitive price. Most MES & LIMS vendors don't post their pricing because they want to keep it as ambiguous as possible while the sales folks try to oversell you. Our sales process is much simpler because your first call will be with a system architect that understands the world of manufacturing operations, is an expert on the capabilities of ToolTrack, and can speak directly to the question of pricing. This is one way we keep our prices low; by not having commission-hungry salespeople who don't truly understand your pain points. We'll also tell you if we don't think ToolTrack is the right product for your company. We don't want to waste your time, and we certainly don't want to try fitting a square peg into a round hole just to make a sale.

Once we've shown you an introductory demo of ToolTrack via web meeting, we'll provide a free account in our sandbox environment which is the same system that we use in the demo. You'll be able to check out the extensive functionality and reporting features for yourself, at your own pace, without annoying sales people distracting you. When you're ready to discuss the details of how ToolTrack could be implemented within your business, we'll be happy to provide a follow-up demo with a larger audience, or discuss customizations. The bottom line is that you'll know exactly what you're getting with ToolTrack before making any decisions.

There are 2 phases for every customer deployment: Implementation and Subscription. Before the Implementation phase we'll discuss what (if any) customizations & functional adjustments might be needed to better capture your manufacturing process flow. This is usually done over a few web meetings with stakeholders or an on-site visit, and the result of these discussions can have an impact on the Implementation cost. While this number can vary, our typical Implementation fee is about $30k (which includes a moderate amount of customization).

  • Once we know the scope of Implementation, we'll provide a comprehensive and easy-to-digest proposal that will cover the Implementation scope (with any customizations), pricing and deployment timeline. You'll know exactly what you'll be getting and the precise cost before we kick-off the deployment.

  • Once the proposal is approved, we'll ask for 50% of the Implementation fee to get started.

  • Only when the Implementation is complete and fully validated by the customer, the remaining 50% of the Implementation fee is paid.

  • At this point, you're live with ToolTrack and the Subscription begins, as well as post go-live support. We know the transition to a new MES/LIMS can be overwhelming, but rest assured we'll be available to assist whenever you need us, especially in those first few critical weeks.

  • The Subscription is month-to-month in order to reduce risk for the customer, but it can also be paid yearly with a modest discount. In general, the Subscription fee scales with the Implementation fee, so larger Implementations will see larger Subscription fees. The typical Subscription is $2,000 - $2,500 per month. This always includes unlimited user accounts, transactions etc. We want to make sure your deployment of ToolTrack helps your company succeed, so we don't charge extra as your company and usage of ToolTrack grows.

Pricing Table

Competitor A

Implementation : $25,000
(no customization)

License : $100,000

User License : $500
per user / per year

Hardware Cost : $25,000

Customization : No

Recurring Costs : 24% Per Year

Requires Term Contract : Yes

Time to Implement : 3 Mos

All-In First Year Cost


*50 Users
Best Value

By I-Track Software

Implementation : $30,000
(typical with moderate customization)

License : $0

Per User License : $0
(multiple sites)

Hardware Cost : $0 (SaaS)

Customization : Yes!

Recurring Costs : $2,500 per month

Requires Term Contract : No!

Time to Implement : 4-8 WKS

All-In First Year Cost



Competitor B

Implementation : $40,000
(no customization)

License : $200,000

Per User License : $0
(one site)

Hardware Cost : $25,000

Customization : No

Recurring Costs : 22% Per Year

Requires Term Contract : Yes

Time to Implement : 6 Mos

All-In First Year Cost


*Per User License Fee Not Included for Additional Sites

Full Deployment in 4 - 8 Weeks!



Contact Us

Get in touch with us to schedule an introduction & demo of ToolTrack. We'll respond within 24 hours, and after the meeting we'll provide access to our sandbox environment.




Our system architects work with your stakeholders to define any customizations or special requirements, which is usually done over a few web meetings. From this, we'll provide a clear and concise proposal detailing scope, timeline & price.




A baseline version of ToolTrack will be available shortly after proposal acceptance and your team can start learning & training immediately while we begin work on any customizations in the background.



Go Live

We'll implement any customizations, special functions & reports while training your key users on how to manage ToolTrack.

Post Go Live

We'll continue to support your team after ToolTrack is in production to ensure a smooth transition. We consider ourselves a partner, not a vendor.


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